About Us

about us

Touching lives that matter!

MANOVATSAL FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization registered under the Society Registration Act 21, of 1860.  The Registration number is 401062. It is based in Delhi, recently established in 2022. As a center to build an atmosphere of love, harmony, learning and constructive participation for specially-abled children, adults, parents, elderly and women.

The idea of this foundation was laid by the directors Mr Manoj Chaturvedi and Ms Vatsala Pathak. The foundation truly believes in man se vatsalaya.
Manovatsal Foundation lays its roots on holistic approach to create the overall well-being of those in need by ensuring their physical, emotional, social, financial and spiritual wellness. 

This NGO purely intends to improve quality of their lives.
In the growing scenario, we can clearly see people struggling to survive through their emotional and mental disturbances.  Physcological disorders are one of the most significant health challenges we are facing today. This Foundation is all head over heels to provide all the support it can to all such people in need. We are dedicated to motivate an empower people to realise their potential, manage their mental health problems. Physiological issues are the biggest health challenge in present scenario due to less awareness. So we from our part are working to create awareness among people regarding mental health by contacting authorities in schools, colleges, parents and people in general. 

We provide:

We have  certified counsellors who are qualified mental health experts and are well-versed in their domains. Our counsellors listen and address to every problem with utmost sincerity, empathy and honesty thereby ensuring confidentiality. We provide proper follow-up, and the best treatment and therapies. Our counsellors are trained professionals. Up until now, we have numerous success stories with us. We have helped 50+ to heal and become self-reliant apart from differently abled children we also serve individuals, schools, families, parents, women and elderly. 

Core Values


Our Mission

To work amongst and for children, women, elderly and especially the deprived and specially-abled community. We aspire to inspire and motivate them to realise their human dignity, freedom and develop their own capacity. The organisation strives to work for their development by providing whatever practical help they need in the form of information, capacity building, training and support.

Our Vision

To help specially-abled children realise their true potential and create their own destiny by empowering them in all possible ways and making them independent and self-reliant.

Our Values

Create Sustainable Humanity


Let's Make a Difference!


In order to ensure the mental health, we provide proper counselling to those in need by our counselling experts. Also, we assess the basic psychological process in schools and colleges and in hospitals and other private and public institutions and to create awareness among these differently able children. We also intend to create a fund through with which we can help out the parents of differently abled children to meet the medical or non-medical requirements and to release any payment or bills pending. 


We educate such children by developing programmes and workshops where they can learn different skills based on their interests and capacity. It believes that the best way to enrich quality of life and bring dignity to differently-abled adults is by training them in different skills that help them to get a job and become self-reliant. 


Manovatsal Foundation provides platforms to empower the lives of children, women, elderly and the differently abled by providing technical and vocational skills, conducting livelihood enhancement projects and taking skill development initiatives, building support systems and enhancing awareness in the community.